Martinsville Middle School Color Guard 

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  • Winter Guard now exists in the United States, Canada, Belgium, Holland, Germany, England, Ireland, Korea, Japan, and Africa. 

  • Winter Guard and Indoor Percussion are the fastest growing of the marching arts.

  • Hundreds of high school marching bands benefit from the skills developed by winter programs.

  • $111,500 in scholarships to IHSCGA students in 28 years!

  • Over 140 Indiana Schools participate in the IHSCGA circuit.

  • Thousands of students in Indiana particpate in Winter Guard every year!


Who is eligible to participate in our program?:
Any middle school student from Bell East or West Middle Schools.

What are the requirements to make the team?:
Students must attend a tryout/clinic and show basic understanding and ability to perform our "basic" flag and dance skills. They must be willing to give 100% in their effort and open themselves up to a world of athletics and performing arts combined. Students are also required to maintain passing grades in their classes to be eligible to perform.

How much does it cost?: 
Our program is an expensive program to run. The cost of travel, equipment, contest fees, props, and uniforms are covered in part by our student fees and the rest through fundraisers and sponsorship. To make it easier on our parents and students, our fees for this fall AND winter season combined are a total of  $140 per member. We offer payment plans and fundraisers to help ease the cost. And we ask all participants help in the excess fundraising and sponsorship outreach.

How often are practices?:
We practice 2 nights a week for 3 hours each practice. On occasion we will have mandatory dates outside of our normal practice schedule for things like dress rehearsals and camps to prepare for competition.

Do I need to purchase equipment?:
No. We have school owned equipment that the students are able to take home for practice with parental consent. On occasion we may ask that the student purchase small items such as gloves, makeup, socks, ect. 

Can I volunteer to help?:
YES! We encourage our parents to be as involved as much as possible. We will need volunteers for things like sewing, chaperons  prop building, day of contest help, and party/spirit planning.

What are the requirements for making the weapon line?:
Students interested in weapon line must first have performed at least one season prior, show flag skills that include: minimum of 50 on count drop spins, the "under pressure" warm up, school song, single tosses, plate tosses, parallel toss, show ability to gain higher level tosses and skills, and show the ability to perform under pressure/while being the focus of attention.

What circuit do our students compete in?:
Our students compete in the IHSCGA (Indiana High School Color Guard Association  in the cadet class level  You can see more info here on their webpage @

What are the competitions like?:
We typically will hold a quick practice the morning of contest to refresh the teams memory. We will have breakfast (supplied by the students or their parents). We begin doing hair and  makeup before leaving. We will check and load all equipment and uniforms. Students and coaches will ride on the bus, and parents will drive themselves or carpool to the school hosting the competition. Once there, students will be checked in and sent to their assigned classroom to finish getting ready. parents can go to spectator viewing, help with props, or assist with the students. At scheduled time, we will transit to body warm up, then flag warm up, then we are in holding until performance time. After performance we meet parents back in our homeroom and sit together until awards. At this time students are free to shop, eat, and watch the other guards perform. After awards we transport home where students help unload and are then dismissed.

How are you judge/awarded at competition?:
As a cadet group, we are given scores based on our performance alone. We do not compete against other teams at this level, but to earn a "ranking". Each contest we can/will be awarded either a GOLD ranking, SILVER ranking, or BRONZE ranking. We receive our award on the competition floor with all the other cadet guards and on occasion the larger programs.