Martinsville Middle School Color Guard 

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Welcome to all 2013-2014 MMSCG members! 
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What is





                CORE VALUES:


1. Being "good" people: We defined "good" person as someone who is honest, respectful, and treats people with caring and love. We will form healthy working relationships with each member of the guard



*Be on time

*Don’t laugh at others’ mistakes or shortcomings

*No backstabbing or gossip

*"Help" without being asked

*No cliques—talk to everyone

*Give/receive constructive criticism and positive feedback

*Listen more than we talk

*Positive ATTITUDE at all times

*having a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for bullying (physically and emotionally)


2. Having "fun":We define "fun" as having a good time, laughing, and use of humor during rehearsals, but at the same time, maintaining focus on our job and work ethic so we continue to achieve to our highest potential. 



*Taking time to give positive feedback

*Learn how to focus ourselves and pay attention

*Share and chat on breaks

*Build confidence within the group (individual praise)


3. Becoming "friends": We define "friends" as people we like to be around, people who accept us for who we are, and people who communicate with each other in healthy ways. We will help each other on and off the field and grow with each other, emphasizing our strengths and improving our weaknesses.


*Communicate outside of guard—call, email, talk at school

*Admit our mistakes and make it right

*Talk about our problems and resolve them before or after rehearsal

*Do regular "mood checks" before rehearsal starts

*Modesty and humble nature, not critical or boastful

*Try to organize activities that include our entire team


4. Practice and perform "our best": We define "our best" as working toward a technically clean and emotionally moving performance. We will perform the way we practice, so it is critical to improve each time we rehearse and to give 100% at every




*Regular individual practice that is focused on improving weak areas

*Clearing our minds before rehearsal to keep focused and coming prepared

*Keeping a positive attitude, even if you have to "act enthusiastic"

*Being responsible - asking instructors/captains for extra help and offering help to those who need it


5. Take responsibility for ourselves and our team:

We define "responsibility" as constantly striving to meet/exceed our expectations while helping our teammates to do the same. It is being aware of the fact that our personal words and actions affect ourselves and our team. If we are unable to meet these expectations we will be mature enough to be held accountable for our words or actions.


How will we do this?

*always attending practice unless there is an outstanding circumstance

*always bring a note signed by a parent if you must miss a practice

*being disciplined during practice so that we can accomplish what is needed

*behaving in a way that reflects well on our organization

*understanding the need for consequences if we do not follow our values

*holding our teammates accountable if values are not being followed



 Our Past:


2010 - 2011:   12 members

2 Silver medal ratings

Gold Divisional Finals rating


2011 - 2012:   22 members

Fall show title "Dynamite!"

Winter show title "Thriller"

3 silver medal ratings

Gold Divisional Finals rating


2012 - 2013:  25 members

 Fall show title "What Would You Say?"

Winter show "Paper Dolls"

Somebody That I Used to Know by: Pentatonix

3 Silver Medal ratings and 2 GOLD medal ratings including a top 5 placement!!